Inglourious Hunters

Wilhelm Screams and Michael Bay Explosions

End game guild raids newbie party, blood everywhere

The group managed to follow the treasure map to the plainest part of the deserts of Korriban. Despite Jimmy’s sweaty efforts, the Force was the best tool in ripping the treasure from ten meters underground. There it was, a large crate made of Beskar. A Taung hologram calling himself Mandalore spoke in words only GN-BK8 could understand, and inside the crate was the prized Sith Holocron. Along with it, dual cannons meant for a warbeast mount (modifiable for a small mechanical transport of course), and a trio of Mandalorian rifles from another era.

Back on Ryloth, the party makes a plan to get two rival gangs off their back. The Nightlands Gang and the Brightlands Gang hate each other, and neither favor the Swarm. The Swarm made a deal with the Brightlands to the sum of 20,000 for the violent disassembling of the Nightlands. The battle lasted twelve seconds before a speedy surrender as the surviving Twi’lek, Sullustans, and Duros cower after seeing their base blown up and their leader delimbed. The Swarm grows in numbers from assimilating these outlaw techs and thugs.

Later, Vosra takes Draenaa out on a date. To an underground fight club. She accidentally does this to a thug and wins Vosra 5,000 credits, then earns herself a Dark Side point for mortally wounding the next guy to enter the ring.



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