Inglourious Hunters

Underworld Meetings and Brute Force Archaeology

Lady Varu flies to her meeting with Poqugga the Hutt on his home planet of Nal Hutta, the polluted wasteland. Their first greeting was a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader ambush in tight quarters, which Poqugga explains was a test to make sure Lady Varu’s party was competent. Intimidated by Poqugga and his small contingent of well bribed Mandos, Varu leaves with a deal for 75/25 of the Swarm’s profits for Poqugga’s “protection”. Upon arrival back on Korriban, Varu receives a delivery in the form of a Swarm employee encased in carbonite, branded a spy as evidence of Poqugga’s services.

The group now makes an expedition to the Valley of the Dark Lords to find a terminal old enough to decrypt the data found in an ancient lightsaber from GN-BK8’s flimsy physical storage. They choose to explore Tulak Hord’s Tomb, and spend half a day exploring the winding halls of an another era. Swiftly dealing with shy rack pests, tuk’ata packs, and then stronger creatures that are the result of powerful Sith alchemy such as the Silooth, they finally discover a room with an ancient looking computer device. Guarded by a pair of Terentatek, the Sith bros leap in to take aggro while the rest of the party attacks from the relative safety of the hallway. Through their tough hide, regenerating properties, and high endurance, a long (four turn!) battle commences and the party survives, though not without the Sith pair being pinned and mauled by these huge abominations.

The terminal boots up and shows a map to the middle of the desert on Korriban on its ancient 50” plasma screen monitor. Draenaa, Jinn’s ex-Jedi current-apprentice, feels sick from the Dark Side pressure being exerted on her from a powerful Sith Lord’s tomb, and uses a small amount of Light Side energy to warm herself. This action leads to her finding boxes hidden in the walls that only react to Light Side energy, and the party is rewarded with a Holocron and Sith Amulet.



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