Inglourious Hunters

H'ratth: Makeover Edition

Sometimes it's just better to wait a day.

As the crew navigates back to Korriban, Jinn creates his first abomination. After two weeks in the lab, a hardy Nighthunter abomination trots out, radiating in the Dark Side with an intimidating aura. Vosra convinces their master to allocate them a platoon of fifty troops to take over the Jedi Enclave of healers on H’ratth, and they head out immediately.

Leaving the apprentice Draenaa to look over Jinn’s pet Vornskr, they navigate to the H’ratth system and wait a day for the Republic Hammerhead capital ship to leave with its newly healed troops. The Nighthunter shows its usefulness in scouting out the anti-aircraft weapons on the planet, and the Sith platoon makes their assault. The truck was destroyed and a few Jedi made their escape, but after a long battle the Jedi Masters of the temple and the vast majority of their initiates were slain. The Sith earned themselves a base on a now uncivilized planet. The Sith await the arrival of their foreign ally while studying each other’s holocrons, now able to learn languages from any being they can dominate the mind of.



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