Inglourious Hunters

Ocean's Five

Varu and four accomplices score a heist from a Nar Shaddaa casino

After a short celebration of their victory at H’ratth, four Jedi remain alive. Vosra, Jinn, and pet track down the refugees and kill the two they find. Jerrec catches up with the others in Holocron lore and learns the mysterious technique to pull a language out of someone’s mind from Revan. Days pass, and eventually CH4 and Varu arrive on H’ratth. CH4 checks the temple’s terminals and discovers a distress beacon, turning it into a warning message, as well as program activity in the temple’s archives. All of the archives have been wiped except for one file with coordinates and an emergency message. They fly to the asteroid the coordinates point to and, not trusting it, fire a torpedo that triggers the trapped piece of rock to detonate, entirely avoiding a trapped prison the DM set up.

They turn their eyes to the Hutt moon Nar Shaddaa to pull a heist. Varu arrives in full celebrity fashion, buying a limousine barge (buying, not renting) with a hover couch for her pleasure while doing everything she can to appear as a high roller. The plan is that Varu will get a tour of a casino after showing interest in investing, and finding the security lacking, ask that her own security team do an inspection. CH4 and Vosra, under the guise of security analysts company “Robot & Son”, do an inspection to gain admin access to the casino’s camera feeds and grab several loops to use in place of live recordings. While Varu and Jinn stage a distraction, where Varu sobs and acts dramatic. A small use of the Force starts a fight that ends in security dragging away the only Neti in the galactic region and his unfortunate friends for a small bribe from Varu. Meanwhile, Vosra and Jerrec disguise as casino security to guard the vault. Jerrec’s phase ability allows him to get into the vault and swap out the real credit chips with empty ones, and after meditating to get his force power back, phases through again just in time. The guards show up, see nothing wrong, and transport the emptied credit chips away and the whole gang runs off with a share of a certain Hutt’s 45,000AurebeshSans-Serif_credit.png.



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