Vosra Voidrunner

Former Jedi, Current Psychopath.


The Seeds of Evil

Born Vosra Zur, his clan was quite well established on Iridonia. The family had a long history of merchant and statesman, with most members becoming highly respected both on Iridonia and across the galaxy. There was a deeply ingrained sense of justice within the Zur clan fit well with the many Jedi that came from the family. The family had even seen one of its own serve on the Jedi council for a time.

Vosra’s immediate family held up to this reputation quite well, with his father an influential statesman and diplomat and his mother a renowned social activist. However just outside the immediate family was a black sheep born once a generation in the Zur ancestry. Vosra’s great uncle was a black stain upon a family known for strength of character. Born with a darkness to him, he had spent his youth tormenting servants in cruel and twisted ways, eventually falling prey to homicidal impulses that claimed dozens of lives. The authority of the family kept him from the courts, but since then he was kept in the deepest recesses of the clan home.

A strange turn of fate caused the young Vosra and his great uncle to meet, but that meeting changed Vosra. He could feel the waves of hatred and violence pounding, until they seemed to unlock something within him, something dark. After that day he would visit his great uncle from time to time. And Vosra began to understand that his one in a generation abilities were not limited to sensitivity to the force, but a certain penchant for inflicting suffering upon others.

Before Vosra had a chance to fully realize the darkness within him, an envoy from the Jedi council visited his family and felt the potential of the young Zabrak. However, the Jedi also felt the seeds of the dark side beginning to grow. Vosra was quickly taken to the Jedi temple to be assessed. On Coruscant the council feared that the dark side was too deeply ingrained to be overcome with training and discipline, but decided let him train under the careful guidance of an experienced and well respected master.

Life in the Temple

The training was harsh. Vosra was given held to an even higher standard than his peers in hopes of overcoming his violent tendencies. He would spend entre weeks without food or rest meditating. When he was allowed to train in lightsaber combat he quickly became one of the most promising students. He was fast and brutal when he attacked, never hesitating. He took advantage of any opening, any sign of weakness. His ferocity when he sparred worried his master, but impressed another student named Jinn Ekelli.

Jinn was a brash initiate who had difficulty fitting in with the other students. He found the training trivial, and his peers soft and weak. But that weakness was not removed like the tumor that it was. They were embraced and encouraged to grow like mold waiting to rot away the foundation from within. During training when taking advantage of his opponent’s poor technique, he broke the arm of his sparring partner. His master reprimanded him for not showing proper restraint, and Jinn only grew bitter and frustrated. Vosra was different though, he understood the importance of strength. When they sparred it was like a duel to the death. Each initiate struck hard enough to shatter bones, with the right placement…to kill. There was no doubt in either boy’s mind that each would make a lethal strike if given the opportunity.

The pair became outcasts together, feared by the other initiates and consistently the bane of their master. They sparred endlessly until their skill with a blade rivaled most Jedi Knights. And when they battled together few could match such an onslaught.

The Outer Rim

The council took notice of the pair of initiates, and soon felt that together they pushed each other closer to the dark side. Thus, Vosra was pushed into becoming a padawan at age 10, earlier than most. He was placed with a rather reclusive, but powerful master at the urging of the council. Under his new master, Master Hirin, Vosra began to center himself once again and worked diligently to assist those in need throughout the galaxy. Master Hirin own tendency for seclusion often brought them to work in the Outer Rim. Here he became accustomed to harsh terrain and the worst scum the underworld had to offer.

But it wasn’t simply the whims of a hermit that led Master Hirin to remain in the Outer Rim with Vosra, quite early he found that the boy was never more in tune with the force than during battle. Interacting with people was a strain on the Padawan’s mind, it required an immense amount of discipline to maintain composure and avoid violence. But when battle inevitably erupted Vosra conducted a symphony. He was focused, sharp, and the force flowed through him with such ease you could almost hear the music. Hirin surmised that if he could channel the boy’s talents towards the extermination of the more evil elements then perhaps the deeply seeded darkness within Vosra could be contained and harnessed for the greater good.

The Return

Time past and Vosra eventually returned to Jedi Temple. He had been in the Outer Rim with Master Hirin for seven long years. He was now rough and battle hardened, there was a distinct aura that he had seen more death than most his age, worse still that he had caused more than his fair share. But he was calm and collected, in control of the beast that dwelled within him. They had returned to approach the council about Vosra becoming a Jedi Knight. Before he was to meet with the council he broke from his cold exterior if for but a moment.

His younger brother had been accepted as a Jedi only a year after him. They had been inseparable during the time before life in the order, and were scolded on numerous occasions for maintaining the family ties after they were accepted. To a Jedi, even the love of one’s family can be an opening for the dark side to exploit. But Vosra loved his brother dearly, and doted on him far more than he should. He was one of the few things, outside of battle, in the galaxy that gave him peace.

When he visited the dormitories he immediately felt something was wrong. He had always been able to sense his brother, they had a deep bond through the force. Vosra had even been reprimanded in his youth for taking revenge on a group of younglings that had bullied his brother. But, now he could feel his brother’s emotions, there was nothing.

The Incident

Vosra approached his old instructor, who was in charge of training for the initiates. The trainer could tell before the first question was asked why Vosra should before him. He took a deep breath and instructed the initiates to continue sparring. He took Vosra to the side of the training hall and told him what had happened.

“It was after a training session. A few of the initiates, including your brother, remained after sparring practice. While I was with the younger trainees he was challenged to a sparring match. And he was never a strong student. Unlike you he had a weaker will, he tended to go along with the others.”

Vosra could feel a deep anger begin to well up from deep within him, he breathed slowly and regained his center. The trainer took a step back after feeling the rush of emotion, but he continued to speak.

“One of the initiates had taken a lightsaber, your brother still had a training saber. By the time I made it back into the room the initiate had cut through the training saber, and…well there wasn’t anything to be done.”

Emotions began to overwhelm Vosra, the force spun around him in waves like a tempest. His eyes seemed to glow with rage as he demanded, “Where is he! Where is the whoreson that murdered my brother?!” Vosra looked around staring deep into the eyes of the trainees around the hall. Most had lost their balance with the surge of energy engulfing the room, the looks on their faces revealed their fear. One then rolled over and began to run, Vosra could smell the guilt on him.

The trainer grabbed Vosra’s shoulders a tried to hold him back, “Center yourself, it was an accident.”

Vosra replied, “No, it was negligence and murder. I’ll take care of the negligence first.” The trainer’s eye dilated from the pain of a lightsaber activating in his gut. As his body fell limp, he was pushed backward. His eyes never closing; displaying a mixture of pain, guilt and terror until the end.

The initiate continued to run as fast as his legs would carry him, but he found himself rising up off the ground struggling to breath. Vosra walked slowly toward the floating youth. “You, this will not be painless. This will not be short. You have taken something from me that I held dear, and I intend to collect.”

Vosra pulled a simple metal knife from his boot. It was well worn and a little rusted, but held a very sharp edge. Blood from more than a few creatures had taken their toll, leaving it a pale red in color. Vosra scratched the knife across his targets throats, just enough to draw a little blood. As he began the real work, the other initiates around him remained paralyzed by fear, a few had the courage to face him. Half a dozen surrounded him, armed only with their training sabers. It was a gruesome sight, Vosra never held back in a battle. None of the would-be heroes withdrew without losing a limb or two, but they were all kept alive to watch.

Vosra took as much time as he could, he knew that the training hall would be stormed within a matter of minutes. But he made sure the every minute he had was dedicated to completing his vengeance. The initiate was unrecognizable when those minutes had passed. His face was distorted from the agony it depicted. When the deed was done his body dropped to the ground, and Vosra beat a hasty retreat.


Vosra was now an enemy of the council. He had two deaths and half a dozen maimed initiates to answer for. He could never face the council. There was only one fate for Jedi in his position, his connection to the force would be severed. Luckily, years in the outer rim served him well. The underbelly of Coruscant was an easy place to disappear. He was used to walking in a world of villains and thugs, hell he was a villain himself. Upon that realization it was like a dam breaking. He released all the restraint, all the discipline he had spent years implementing to maintain his composure and let everything go in a wondrous torrent of primal violence.

He made his place on the fringes of the underworld through the bodies that he left behind him. At first it was almost an addiction. After so many years restraining himself he targeted anything that moved. He favored the criminals and homeless, they had less complications. But he was not above extinguishing a family or two for temporary lodging and a hot meal.

Living house to house soon frustrated the once proud Jedi. He could only eliminate those that no one cared about, people that no one would miss. And the lodging were never more than tattered shacks, barely able to stand on their own. He turned to a growing syndicate in need of some extra muscle, the Tisrov Cartel.

Working for the cartel had its benefits. He had a bank account flush with credits and he was able to satisfy his thirst for combat. The arrangement worked perfectly for Vosra until the Cartel gave him orders to kill an overly curious Jedi that had been working in the Underworld.


Immediately after the massacre in the training hall Master Hirin was summoned into the Council Chambers for an emergency meeting. But, Hirin didn’t need to hear the news, he had felt the great anger from his student, he knew that something terrible had been released. The council order Hirin to retrieve his pupil and bring him to the council for sentencing. However Hirin would not take the mission alone, he summoned Jinn McBobson to act as his temporary Padawan. Jinn had felt the same disturbance, the same rush of power and accepted quickly. Though for Jinn he had accepted for completely different reasons. Jinn had tasted that power when Vosra stormed the training hall, and that feeling of utter dominance was all the proof he needed that the cancerous weakness that filled the ranks of the Jedi order could not match the freedom his old sparring partner had achieved.

Master Hirin left with Jinn to search for Vosra, following countless false leads and dead ends. It was a year of following a trail of cold bodies before they felt a familiar presence. They had just left the scene of a vicious murder. A dozen gang members were slain in a small alley off of a shopping district. It was broad daylight but the people in the shopping district barely heard a scream from the murders thugs. The wounds were clearly made by a lightsaber. When they exited the alleyway the plaza was completely empty, except for one Man standing on top of a nearby cart.

He stared down the pair of Jedi. He saw the weathered face of his old master and his friend from ages past. He ignited two light sabers. One was his, the other from the slain trainer. There was no fear in his eyes, he was calm and collected, absorbed in the thrill of battle. Absorbed in his hatred for the Jedi.

The Battle

Vosra charged forward, with both of his lightsabers colliding against his master in a downward smash. Wave of force energy erupted from the strike shaking the buildings around them and toppling the stalls in the plaza. Jinn took a moment to absorb the battle before him. Vosra was relentless in his attacks, with Master Hirin looking to be utterly overwhelmed. Jinn could feel his friend’s bloodlust in the air, he could feel the power he had attained when he gave into the dark side. Jinn believed in strength above all else, and it was clear that the Jedi had only been holding him back.

Jinn made his choice. When the time was right he saw an opening and attack Master Hirin. The cut was well-placed, and deep. The Deltoid had been completed removed leaving his Master’s arm hanging by a handful of muscles and ligaments, most of which had been seared beyond repair. Vosra’s grin grew and he continued the furious assault on the Master Jedi. The two young Jedi fell back into old tactics, as they had when they trained together. One would flank and the other would attack with devastating effect. Vosra took a final swing at Master Kirin, he had left an opening in his defense and Vosra was eager to claim a Jedi head. Yet a wave of force energy exploded and pushed the two Padawans back.

“I knew you were troubled.” The Master said as he stood up and brushed of his robe. “But I never thought you irredeemable. I wanted to find you before you were completely lost Vosra, but the dark side has taken hold of you. We could severe your link to the force and you would still do more damage to the galaxy than we could possibly imagine.”

“And you,” he turned to Jinn, struggled to regain his footing after being thrown against a nearby wall. “Your insatiable lust for power will drive you to become as mad as he is. Left to your own devices you’d become some bitter and corrupt statesman, ignoring the weak that the Order is sworn to serve. But paired with this bloodthirsty marauder, you’re too dangerous to be kept alive.”

Hirin gripped his lightsaber tightly and sprinted at Jinn. Vosra charged towards them both, the anger emanating from him in visible waves of dark force energy. A wave of Hirin’s hand and Vosra was sent flying across the plaza. Jinn braced himself against the Master’s impending attacks. The strike were swift and precise, no hesitation or wasted motion. Jinn struggled to keep pace with the increasing speed of the swinging lightsaber. A heavy strike by the master left Jinn desperately straining as Hirin pushed the crossed sabers closer and closer to the Padawan’s face. Jinn could feel the heat as his skin started to burn. It seemed to scorch down to the bone before he received a reprieve.

A lightsaber came flying from across the plaza, followed closely by a second. Hirin quickly turned his body to deflect the spinning blades. The moment between deflecting the first and intercepting the second Jinn sliced through one of Hirin’s legs at the knee. But he knew it was not enough to defeat the Master Jedi, so he fired a massive burst of force energy into the dust beneath him. The plaza was instantly filled with a thick cloud of dust, obscuring sight beyond a few inches. Three of the four lightsabers quickly went dark and by the time the dust settled Hirin was kneeling alone in an empty plaza.

Life after the Order

For the two Jedi there was no going back. Vosra had more blood on his hands than most people could fathom. And Jinn had betrayed the order and attacked their Master. They could never return to the Order, they would be outcast if not outright hunted. But they didn’t mind, the Order only held them back. To Jinn the Order coddled the weak, and praised a coward’s passive demeanor as some sort of grand wisdom. Now they were free secure a greater destiny and achieve a new level of strength.

Vosra’s time in the Underworld was not without its benefits. The cartel was a useful ally to have when a couple of fugitives needed to smuggle themselves off the planet. A few credits got them a small, inconspicuous ship. It wasn’t much to look at, but it was fast and that was all they needed. After successfully escaping Coruscant they had a new problem, what were they going to do now.

The answer came before the pair had much of a chance to ponder it. Vosra and Jinn found themselves in a Cantina in the Corelia system before continuing their escape from the Galactic Core. They were only six rounds in before two robed figures entered the Cantina, they might as well have been wearing name tags. The Jedi sat down at the bar a few stools down in a poor attempt to blend in. Vosra and Jinn didn’t even need raise their gaze, their instinctively knew they would never be allowed to enter this town again.

A glass was thrown across the bar and shattered on the closer of the two Jedi, it was quickly followed by a barrage of every other breakable object in sight. The other patrons began to run out of the Cantina and the bartender ducked underneath the counter. That was a poor choice. Vosra ripped a hole in the side of the counter and grabbed the bar tender by the throat. The terrified young man was thrown at the pair of Jedi flailing his arms widely before knocking a Jedi off balance. Before the Jedi could regain his footing a lightsaber blade ignited through the bartender’s stomach stabbing the Jedi in the chest.

As the first Jedi fell his partner attempted to fall back, but it was too late. Lightning erupted from Jinn’s fingertips, engulfing the Jedi in a wave of painful spasms. He never had a chance to regain his bearings before a lightsaber blade flew through the air and straight through his forehead. The saber was quickly recalled and his body fell forward onto the Cantina floor.

Though chaotic the Jedi were slain. Vosra and Jinn could still feel the adrenaline pumping from cutting them down. Each claimed a new lightsaber as a trophy and rifled through their pockets to determine how they arrived so quickly. One of the fallen Jedi had a datapad which detailed the orders to apprehend the fugitives, dead or alive. There was also a personal computer with a record of the other Jedi on the hunt. Vosra and Jinn now knew what their purpose was, they had a list. They would not be hunted, rather they would become the hunters.

The Hunt Begins

The Jedi hoped that their coordination would help close the noose on the rogue Padawans, but the network they created was only serving to give the pair the exact location of each new target. The closest group of Jedi were three bold, but inexperienced Knights. They were confident in their numbers as they searched a small core system for traces of the fugitives. Their lack of caution was their downfall.

They searched the slums through the night to meet a contact. They entered a network of dark and narrow alleyways, a labyrinth or sharp corners and dead ends. The darkness was suffocating, neither starlight nor the lights of the city made it this deep. Yet, whispers pierced the darkness. First at the edge of hearing, each Jedi straining to make sense of what they heard. Then it became louder until it was as if someone spoke right beside them. The group spun wildly grasping at air and knocking into their comrades. They tried to calm each other, they were just frustrated and fearful, theirs minds fabricating voices.

They continued walking forward until the alley was illuminated by a pair of lightsabers, crossed in front of a dark figure. In the next instant they were plunged deep into the chest of the Jedi at the front of the line. All they could see before their friend hit the ground was a mask, bearing the image of an apex predator. They had no chance to react before the Jedi in the back was cut into three pieces as double-bladed saber severed his neck and waist in one smooth motion. The surviving jedi reached for his saber on his belt, but it was too late. He hovered a few feet off the ground and began to choke, while a simple knife was dragged across his throat.

The two figures needed no light, their new masks included electrobinoculars, excellent tools for darkvision. It was all they needed to toy with the overconfident Jedi. One of them turned to the other, “Vosra, was the double saber really necessary? You barely had enough room to swing the damn thing.”

The other figure responded, “I needed to test out the feel on a real target, the weight is different since I made the modifications to my old sabers. Besides, you have no room talk with your flare for the dramatic. What was with the flashy entrance Jinn?”

“I have to have a little fun with such a worthless lot, they die with a nicer expression when they see it coming but can’t do anything about it.”

“You have a point there, it looks like this one pissed himself.” Vosra noted as he removed the lightsaber from the belt of one of the slain Jedi. He then took out his knife and began to remove the eyes of the two Jedi he killed.

“What the Hell kind of ritual is that?” Jinn stared at the dissection with both curiosity and confusion.

“They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Anyone can takes a man’s life, but I claim their souls.” He then grabbed the lightsaber from the Jedi near Jinn and tossed it to him. “I believe this one is yours, now let’s go find the next set of targets.”

A New Ally

More hunts followed the first, the Jedi lost four teams before the the Council changed the communication frequency. As the number of losses grew, so did the skill of two Rogues. Vosra had turned an affinity for the saberstaff into devastating display of martial prowess and raw ferocity. While Jinn seamlessly combined powerful force attacks and relentless dual saber strikes into a fluid exhibition of dominance over the battlefield.

Their success in the hunt was not without its downsides. Targets were becoming more difficult to find. Jedi were still working throughout the various systems, but they worked in larger groups or with experienced masters. The Jedi were more cautious about falling into traps or entering secluded areas. Vosra and Jinn were pushed further and further from the Core Worlds if they wished to continue the hunt.

It had been months since they last confronted a Jedi. Vosra was continuously deconstructing and rebuilding his saberstaff to keep from clawing a hole in the wall and rampaging through the apartment building where they were staying. They had received a tip that a pair of Knights were working in the area. Apparently they were acting as arbitrators for some political conflicts in the region. The Jedi were easy enough to find, if only they left the government offices then they would be just another couple of lightsabers to add to the collection.

Another couple of weeks passed before Vosra disappeared for a night. The next morning the chief diplomat in the negotiations was found in bed with his rival’s wife, both were dead. The planet erupted into civil war. The Jedi Knights that had worked tirelessly to promote peace found themselves making a hasty retreat to the spaceport. They escaped the artillery fire around the Capitol Building well enough, but the route was long and not without it’s share of blind turns. Before they could reach their shuttle they met a pair of masked figures, each had their lightsabers ignited. The battle was over quickly, the Knights were much better equipped for the Senate than they were for lightsaber combat. In only a couple of moves the Knights became another victim of Vosra and Jinn’s hunt.

The Rogues were somewhat unfulfilled by the quality of the prey, but they took their trophies and turned toward the spaceport. Little did they know that those two underwhelming Jedi had attracted the attention of other less reputable elements. A slow clap filled the street and loud footsteps echoed around them.

“Well done boys, well done. Those Jedi were dispatched with such apathy it almost seemed routine. What’s wrong? Getting a little bored of the usual fare?” The Rogues turned around to see a robed figure standing behind them with an eerie smile. “Forgive me for saying so but it seems like you are playing in the minor leagues, when it is obvious you have the talent for something greater.”

“You have until my lightsaber ignites to make sense, otherwise you’ll find your head placed neatly in a box” Vosra reached to his hip and gripped his saberstaff.

“No need for that here.” The robed figure rebuked, “The kills were exemplary, it was the sport that was lacking. The Jedi were weak willed fools running from the chaos of war. Whether they died by your hands today, or left the planet and let age take them, they would have achieved nothing of importance. But, you turned a promising diplomatic summit into a planet wide civil war. That is a thing of beauty.”

“So another planet turns itself to ash, they would have been at each others throats in a few decades anyway.” Jinn stepped forward with a few sparks dancing from his fingertips.

“The point is this planet will fall, and the rest of the sector with it. The game will continue, but the scales have been tipped. You have dealt a much larger blow to the efforts of the Jedi Order than the slaughter of a few pawns.” The robed figure robed his hood and took a shallow bow. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jerrek Marcolo. If you are willing to take a look at the bigger picture and really make the Order fear you, then I think there are a few people I should introduce you to.”

The Sith Temple

Three figures stepped through a tall door into the temple. The blinding light from the desert outside only contrasted further the darkness of the atmosphere within the building. It was more than just the lighting of the room, there was something sinister about this place. Something which seemed to prey on the mind, bringing all the hatred and anger bubbling to the surface. It wasn’t long before a wide smile creeped out from the black complexion of one of the figures.

“I like this place. It just seems like it knows how to make me feel welcome.”

“You have always reveled in darkness Vosra. It would take a twisted personality like yours to soak up this kind of evil and feel inspired.” Jinn threw off his hood and took a look around. “The decor is definitely different than the Jedi Temple, but I don’t notice the pungent odor of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. It’s definitely a step up.”

The trio walked beneath large archways comprised of blackened rock. Occasionally hallways broke off of the main path and broke up the monotony of the smooth stone walls. A few others visitors lingered in the side passages of walked, but they maintained eye contact with the ground and a hood covered their face. The hallway then ended at a large stone door. It was covered in ancient writing. There was no visible panel to access the door, it might as well have been a solid wall.

“I have brought you to the Temple, but that is as far as my influence can carry you. Beyond this door is a trial, if you survive it then you will be welcomed as one of the Sith.” Jerrek said as he removed his hood and raised his hand toward the door.

Before Jerrek could will the door open he found Vosra’s saberstaff placed firmly under his chin. “You did not mention a deadly trial. The house may be nice, but I don’t like walking into traps.”

“Ever quick to solve a problem by killing it.” Jerrek said calmly, abit restrained by the force of the metal pushing into the bottom of his chin. “This is no trap, it is not a trap if you know what’s going to happen. The room will most certainly be filled with those that wish to kill you.” Vosra kept a grip on his weapon, but lowered it enough to hear the Sith speak. “There is a certain quality of cantidate that the Sith look for before they bring them into the fold. All you have to do is kill everyone in the next room and your abilities will speak for themselves.”

Vosra quickly turned the lightsaber ninety degrees and ignited both ends. He spun the saber staff a few inches in front of Jerrek’s face before taking a combat stance. “Well, why didn’t you say so. I’ve been iching to relive some stress since we left the last poor excuse for a planet.”

“There’s really no helping him when he smells blood in the water.” Jinn ignited one of his sabers, leaving the other free to manipulate the fore.

The Trial

Jerrek waves his hand and the stone door slowly raised. Behind the door was a large circular room with high ceilings and torches lining the walls. It was more brightly lit than the hallway they had come from, an opportunity at least one opponent attempted to use to their advantage. As soon as Vosra and Jinn entered the room two Sith wielding vibroblades charged in aiming for a quick kill.

Unfortunately for the eager sith, Vosra and Jin were more skilled than falling for a pair of quick strikes. Lightning erupted from Jinn’s hand and one of the Sith doubled over in pain. The other Sith continued charging forward, in that moment Vosra lowered his stance and disappeared. The next instant he was running towards a new enemy, five feet from his previous target. The Sith’s momentum continued forward a few steps before his legs and torso separated, with the torso bouncing a few feet in front of the still spasming legs.

With the lightning still flowing from his fingertips Jinn tossed his lightsaber into the chest of hapless Sith. He pulled the saber back into his hand and the charred corpse was finally allowed to collapse. Jinn looked for his next target only to hear a malicious cacophony of laughter echoing through the cavernous room. A small army of Sith soldiers wielding swords had surrounded Vosra, and one by one they were cut to ribbons by the swirling dervish with the saberstaff in the center.

Jinn now had a few more enemies of his own to face as half a dozen brave souls were closing the gap from the far side. He drove in between them and lifted one with a force choke. He made a finishing blow to the gut with his saber before tossing the body against the nearest wall. One of the group seemed to have a lightsaber of his own and made a powerful overhead strike. THe blow was blocked before Jinn ignited his second saber and slashed the Sith, cutting cleanly through both arms and the neck. Jinn now stood between four other combatants each striking perceived defensive openings. Jinn twisted and turned catching each blow before delivering one of his own. The display was flawless, without any wasted motion, each warrior around him taking a single fatal wound.

Jinn looked back at Vosra, he was on the far side of the room. A pile of fallen enemies stretched the length of the room, though it was hard to determine the number slain with each in a multitude of pieces. The laughter filling the room had not ceased, if anything it had only intensified. Jinn sighed, placed his palm over his faced and draged Vosra from the corpse he was repeatedly stabbing in the face.

“Hey!” Vosra stopped laughing and turned to Jinn, “While do you always have to spoil my fun?”

“Because I’m not deranged Vosra.” Jinn quipped stoically.

“Oh that makes sense.” Vosra then looked over his shoulder at Jerrek standing at the door. “So did we win?”

Jerrek suffered a moment of speechlessness. It was a little more concentrated carnage than he had witnessed in some time. Before he had a chance to respond the door on the opposite end of the room opened and A tall figure in lavish black robes stood looking down into the room.

“Well, it does appear that Jerrek has an eye for talent. I’m Darth Biggie Smalls. Jerrek told me about and it seems you live up to your reputation quite splendidly. We have an opening in our little organization and I think you two fit the bill nicely. What do you say, are you in the mood to cause some real mayhem?”

Vosra Voidrunner

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