Varu Oo'kri

Crime Lord Noble


Varunaki Oo’ki (Va-rue Ooh-kery-ri) (but always called Varu) was born to a family of rich nobles, her mother being of a rich history of the Nagai and the military leaders who helped press their agenda forwards, and her father, the semi-corrupt politician who represented the planet.

Although her species is not well known, she grew up feeling crushed by her mother and father’s incredible nobility and recognition and was determined to become her own distinguished figure of the Nagai.

At a young age, she took up sewing and became a very good designer of clothes and was known for making her outfits for the occasion. As she became older, she was given servants and was known for being incredibly gentle and kind and warm with guests, to the point where parties with her parents featured their daughter as well (“And meet their daughter, Varu!”).

But she was tired of living in their shadows, even if she was distinguished, she was still labeled, ‘daughter’.

So, she followed her mother and father closely in their work. She learned how to shoot and work in combat like her mother’s trainees did. She watched her father do all sorts of ‘diplomatic’ things that ranged from normal outings to ‘tortures’. He didn’t know she’d seen these, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t learn.

She one day, finally was able to make enough on her own to buy her own ship. And although it wasn’t the best there was, she was going to find someone to make it so. Her soothing voice could have most anyone at their feet with the correct syllables.

Varu Oo'kri

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