Belia Darzu

Dark Lord, Master of Technobeasts


Belia Darzu is a female Shi’ido changeling and Dark Lord of the Sith who began her reign in 2,403 ATC.


Before she became a Sith Lord, Belia Darzu was considered to be a Dark Side marauder. She crafted a suit of heavy battle armor that was imbued with dark side powers, which granted her invisibility and boosted her physical strength. She uses nanogene technology to create an army of Technobeasts which she controlls with an ancient form of Sith alchemy that infused mechanical objects with dark side energy. This army is the primary reason for the Sith success throughout the ongoing Sictis Wars, and her position at the top of the Sith Order.

Darzu does all her research from a black durasteel twin-towered citadel on Tython, defended by several ion cannons. Deep inside are laboratories, containing specimens and Darzu’s notes. Most of her time is spent away from this fortress, leading her Technobeast army. This horrific steamroller literally crushes all decent men, women, and children who get in its way.

Belia Darzu

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