Inglourious Hunters

Ocean's Five
Varu and four accomplices score a heist from a Nar Shaddaa casino

After a short celebration of their victory at H’ratth, four Jedi remain alive. Vosra, Jinn, and pet track down the refugees and kill the two they find. Jerrec catches up with the others in Holocron lore and learns the mysterious technique to pull a language out of someone’s mind from Revan. Days pass, and eventually CH4 and Varu arrive on H’ratth. CH4 checks the temple’s terminals and discovers a distress beacon, turning it into a warning message, as well as program activity in the temple’s archives. All of the archives have been wiped except for one file with coordinates and an emergency message. They fly to the asteroid the coordinates point to and, not trusting it, fire a torpedo that triggers the trapped piece of rock to detonate, entirely avoiding a trapped prison the DM set up.

They turn their eyes to the Hutt moon Nar Shaddaa to pull a heist. Varu arrives in full celebrity fashion, buying a limousine barge (buying, not renting) with a hover couch for her pleasure while doing everything she can to appear as a high roller. The plan is that Varu will get a tour of a casino after showing interest in investing, and finding the security lacking, ask that her own security team do an inspection. CH4 and Vosra, under the guise of security analysts company “Robot & Son”, do an inspection to gain admin access to the casino’s camera feeds and grab several loops to use in place of live recordings. While Varu and Jinn stage a distraction, where Varu sobs and acts dramatic. A small use of the Force starts a fight that ends in security dragging away the only Neti in the galactic region and his unfortunate friends for a small bribe from Varu. Meanwhile, Vosra and Jerrec disguise as casino security to guard the vault. Jerrec’s phase ability allows him to get into the vault and swap out the real credit chips with empty ones, and after meditating to get his force power back, phases through again just in time. The guards show up, see nothing wrong, and transport the emptied credit chips away and the whole gang runs off with a share of a certain Hutt’s 45,000AurebeshSans-Serif_credit.png.

H'ratth: Makeover Edition
Sometimes it's just better to wait a day.

As the crew navigates back to Korriban, Jinn creates his first abomination. After two weeks in the lab, a hardy Nighthunter abomination trots out, radiating in the Dark Side with an intimidating aura. Vosra convinces their master to allocate them a platoon of fifty troops to take over the Jedi Enclave of healers on H’ratth, and they head out immediately.

Leaving the apprentice Draenaa to look over Jinn’s pet Vornskr, they navigate to the H’ratth system and wait a day for the Republic Hammerhead capital ship to leave with its newly healed troops. The Nighthunter shows its usefulness in scouting out the anti-aircraft weapons on the planet, and the Sith platoon makes their assault. The truck was destroyed and a few Jedi made their escape, but after a long battle the Jedi Masters of the temple and the vast majority of their initiates were slain. The Sith earned themselves a base on a now uncivilized planet. The Sith await the arrival of their foreign ally while studying each other’s holocrons, now able to learn languages from any being they can dominate the mind of.

Wilhelm Screams and Michael Bay Explosions
End game guild raids newbie party, blood everywhere

The group managed to follow the treasure map to the plainest part of the deserts of Korriban. Despite Jimmy’s sweaty efforts, the Force was the best tool in ripping the treasure from ten meters underground. There it was, a large crate made of Beskar. A Taung hologram calling himself Mandalore spoke in words only GN-BK8 could understand, and inside the crate was the prized Sith Holocron. Along with it, dual cannons meant for a warbeast mount (modifiable for a small mechanical transport of course), and a trio of Mandalorian rifles from another era.

Back on Ryloth, the party makes a plan to get two rival gangs off their back. The Nightlands Gang and the Brightlands Gang hate each other, and neither favor the Swarm. The Swarm made a deal with the Brightlands to the sum of 20,000 for the violent disassembling of the Nightlands. The battle lasted twelve seconds before a speedy surrender as the surviving Twi’lek, Sullustans, and Duros cower after seeing their base blown up and their leader delimbed. The Swarm grows in numbers from assimilating these outlaw techs and thugs.

Later, Vosra takes Draenaa out on a date. To an underground fight club. She accidentally does this to a thug and wins Vosra 5,000 credits, then earns herself a Dark Side point for mortally wounding the next guy to enter the ring.

Underworld Meetings and Brute Force Archaeology

Lady Varu flies to her meeting with Poqugga the Hutt on his home planet of Nal Hutta, the polluted wasteland. Their first greeting was a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader ambush in tight quarters, which Poqugga explains was a test to make sure Lady Varu’s party was competent. Intimidated by Poqugga and his small contingent of well bribed Mandos, Varu leaves with a deal for 75/25 of the Swarm’s profits for Poqugga’s “protection”. Upon arrival back on Korriban, Varu receives a delivery in the form of a Swarm employee encased in carbonite, branded a spy as evidence of Poqugga’s services.

The group now makes an expedition to the Valley of the Dark Lords to find a terminal old enough to decrypt the data found in an ancient lightsaber from GN-BK8’s flimsy physical storage. They choose to explore Tulak Hord’s Tomb, and spend half a day exploring the winding halls of an another era. Swiftly dealing with shy rack pests, tuk’ata packs, and then stronger creatures that are the result of powerful Sith alchemy such as the Silooth, they finally discover a room with an ancient looking computer device. Guarded by a pair of Terentatek, the Sith bros leap in to take aggro while the rest of the party attacks from the relative safety of the hallway. Through their tough hide, regenerating properties, and high endurance, a long (four turn!) battle commences and the party survives, though not without the Sith pair being pinned and mauled by these huge abominations.

The terminal boots up and shows a map to the middle of the desert on Korriban on its ancient 50” plasma screen monitor. Draenaa, Jinn’s ex-Jedi current-apprentice, feels sick from the Dark Side pressure being exerted on her from a powerful Sith Lord’s tomb, and uses a small amount of Light Side energy to warm herself. This action leads to her finding boxes hidden in the walls that only react to Light Side energy, and the party is rewarded with a Holocron and Sith Amulet.

Prison Break!!

After several successful missions, the noble Lady Varu found herself a criminal organization beginning on Ryloth, and the Sith found themselves leading the assault on planet Cathar with their bald and angry master, Darth Mutilus. Upon taking over the planet’s capital ship, they chose to upgrade their rank by murdering their arrogant master, nudged gently by a mysterious female voice. Decimating the planet and taking thousands of Cathar slaves, the Sith Empire has prevailed greatly over the crumbling Republic.

The Sith earned a new master, the Iktotchi Inner Sith Council Member, Darth Contaminus. She drugged the Sith (and fried one) and shipped them off to the prison planet THX-1138, sans Force connection. After teaming up with a Muun and a Han/Chewie ripoff, they used bribery and a prison riot to escape into the vast wasteland where they found a new appreciation for their weapons and Force powers after a long and desperate struggle to kill two Wraids with a pair of vibrodaggers and large rocks. The smuggling pair of Duros Rammon and Wookiee Balzarrbub earned their spot in the N’Gian Swarm. Lady Varu and gang arrived on site to pick them up and returned to Korriban.


1: Apprentice Vosra found an ancient Sith artifact in GN-BK8’s storage with an esoteric data chip. There may be terminal old enough to read it in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

2: Poqugga the Hutt requests a meeting with Lady Varu. Nal Hutta awaits.

It has been 58 days since the start of this gang’s creation.

Missed Events
A quick summary of the gang's adventures

GN-BK8, a really old droid that may or may not be a Dalek, joined the party.

Attacked a Sith cult leader Mortika on Dromund Kaas, blown up a portion of her base, ripped a starfighter’s wings off, and fired enough rockets and blaster bolt salvos to kill the witch.

Persuaded Rowen, a Jedi of the Organa family to join them for attacking said cult leader, brought him to the Dark Side, and left him back on Alderaan.

Wiped out the Ryloth gang Crimson Fuckers, took their base, and claimed a few members for Lady Varu’s organization N’gian Swarm including the sexy and titillating Twi’lek Jimmy as a minion.

Kidnapped a simple mining droid with military relevant data from a mining asteroid after pretending to be a Republic delivery ship. Energy spiders hurt, but low level guards are worthless.

The Duros Crypto has joined the party.

The gang led by Darth Mutilus boarded a Republic capital ship, cleared the bridge, turned off the shields, and captured the planet Cathar. A new influx of Cathar slaves and Force sensitives flood the planet Korriban.

Apprentice Vosra killed the wife and child of a hostage of the Empire.

Apprentice Jinn, the Sith alchemist, obtained a pet dog.

GN-BK8 is building a vehicle.

The gang bought a Gozanti Cruiser with reduced cargo for increased weapons.

Mission 2: Smash and Grab on Dromund Kaas.
Elevators are deadly.

The party arrives back on Korriban, and strolls up to Darth Mutilus’ office for a debriefing. Sensing a light-side aura emanating from Vosra, a disturbing thought, Vosra’s master asks what they retrieved from the pompous Jedi Watchmen. Upon seeing a Jedi holocron, Mutilus shooes the group away to study the device. Calling upon the droid, the two study the holocron together but cannot decyper whatever cryptic language the dead Jedi speaks. He formulates a plan to solve this.

“Today, you’ll learn how it feels to face the creatures winning us the war!” he tells the party. The three Sith recruits and the droid each duel a Technobeast—a clicking, buzzing, hissing, shambling horror of feral flesh and metal that was once a normal being. Varu watches from the side-lines, thinking of hats.

Off to the abandoned planet Dromund Kaas under the guise of retrieving a lost Sith weapon, a holorecording shown only in hyperspace tells them of their true mission. The retired Darth Canas lives in a house surrounded by a Technobeast infested forest. He owns a private museum, and a Sith holocron located in it is their true goal. They are to do this without leaving a trail to Korriban or Darth Mutilus, while also misleading Canas as to what was stolen or why. The recorder self-destructs (in the droid’s face) and the party studies a holomap stored in the droid secretly, under the filename “droidporn: oiled joints.”

Landing 30km away, Jerrec, Varu, and the droid sneak through the damp and foggy forest all the way to the base, having to fight only a handful of Technobeasts. As the droid slices a terminal on the East wall, the Sith bros test out their new speeders. Making as much noise as possible, they blow holes in the West wall with detonite and launch themselves in. As the alarm blares, they fight their way to the central room and slaughter a host of Sith bodyguards. Meanwhile, the other party sneaks in and makes their way to the trophy room. Jerrec uses his phase power to meld his way into the room and swap the holocron out with a hologram device. After smashing up a few cases stealing three lightsabers, a Dentari crystal, and a gold bust of Darth Malgus, they sneak back out and take one of the speeders left outside to race back to their YT-1300 freighter. After finishing off Canas’ guards, they bring a “disarmed” Sith with them to torture. He was later jettisoned out an airlock after paying his dues.

Back on Korriban, Mutilus explains the Jedi holocron matches the one they just stole. It was true: each pyramid looked identical except for the contrasting auras emanating from them. Each was made by a twin brother; one was sent to the Jedi and the other to the Sith. Before their split, the close pair crafted a secret language only the other knew. By studying both, Mutilus hoped to decyper their language and unlock whatever secrets each held.

Mission 1: Assassination on Gala
No! Not the younglings!

While the Umbaran Sith spent his time as the unwilling test subject for carbonite research, the other two Sithlings, Jerrec and Vosra, trained for a few weeks under their new master, the bald and scarred cyborg Darth Mutilus. Upon the explosive arrival of his favorite droid, the sentient HK series scrap-heap-gone-full-fledged-assassin, the three were introduced to the bored and spoiled Nagai noble Lady Varu Oo’kri. She was to be their pretty talker and shiny new ride around the galaxy.

On their first mission to prove their worth, the two Sith and their new allies headed to the obscure planet Gala in the Outer Rim. This planet was so obscure, its wiki page was a paragraph long. Seriously. Look at it. Anyway, they were to assassinate a Jedi to send a message, and possibly turn the tide of the Sith Empire’s influence over this Republic planet. This specific Jedi is the planet’s Jedi Watchmen, a powerful guardian assigned to an entire planet who keeps a number of Padawans.

After abusing Lady Varu’s noble status, she and her “bodyguard” Vosra toured the building and got a room for the night. Then “Oo’kri family friend” Jerrec and his “bodyguard” the HK droid were able to stay the night in an adjoining room. The three who hungered for blood Mind Tricked their way onto the top floor where they hacked the lights and slaughtered a number of Republic Army Troopers through the dark. Only two of the twelve troopers could see without the lights on, so it wasn’t much of a challenge.

Entering the door at the end of this hallway, the three overpowered the Ithorian Jedi Master Ograh Fiso. Vosra went room to room, brutally killing his five youngling Padawans, and finishing off his top apprentice. Intestines were used as art tools, and an obvious message sent by the Sith was left in the Jedi’s room at the foot of a crucifixion.

Back on the ship… Fiso’s final companion, a Twi’lek Jedi Knight, fell to Vosra, as well as the two least stealthy Jedi Shadows who took beatings from every member of this party. On the four day trip back, Vosra and the droid installed all of the droid’s missing parts and the adventure ended.


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